Travel to India while H1B 2014 applied



I am currently in L1 visa expires next year 3/14.  I applied for H1B visa this year (2014) but not received the receipt/hear anything from my employer.  Meanwhile I have to go to India next month and return back before oct 1st.  


Note : I Haven't get my L1 stamped.  If I travel, I need to get my L1 Stamped at India.



Is it advisable to go to India?


1) If I didn't hear anything about current H1B status until my travel date ?

2) If I get only the receipt not the decision until my travel date ?

3) If H1B approved ? (Because I applied thro a Desi-company)


Please help.

Your L-1 stamping will not be impacted by what’s happening w/ your H-1 petition. The only thing that will be impacted is that your COS from L-1 to H-1 will be abandoned if you leave US prior to H-1 approval.