Travel to India when my I94 is going to Expire

Hello Friends, Need a quick info.
Currently I am in USA. My i797 has been extended till 2025 but my stamping in visa/I94 is till 20th Apr 2023. Now it is very difficult to get a stamping date at India.
Can I visit for a month to India on March and come back before 20th Apr 2023? Or Port of Entry will be a problem for me?


This is no issue, as far as your visa is valid as of the day you enter the US. When you enter, present your current as well as the extended I-797 so that CBP will issue I-94 to match the expiry date of your extended I-797.

Thank you for your quick reply!!!
So my old visa was from Company#A but here(USA) I transferred my Visa to Company#B. If I will show my extended I-797 (Company#B) at port of entry, will they ask unnecessary questions as my existing visa is still from Company#A!!! Or is it a common scenario?

Stamping in Passport: From Company#A till April 2023
New I797: From Company#B till 2025.

Visa is not tied to any employer even if it has employer name on it, so you are good.