Travel to India to get H1B stamping

I work for a University on H1B (changed to H1B from OPT, never been out of U.S. after that). I have to go to India this end-May. Obviously will go for H1B stamping to re-enter U.S. Since I work for the University on yearly contract basis - contract is always mid-August through mid-May of following year, I will be out of contract when I go for H1B stamping in end-May.

My question is, whether it is safe to travel to India and go for H1B stamping when I am out of my contract? My university/employer has its own policies of when contracts are ready and it wouldn’t be ready till late June or July.

Any advice?

It may be risky, but if the travel is necessary then you can also carry a letter from the university mentioning their policy of issuing 1 year contract and the month in which they issue the contract. Also carry your supervisor information in case consulate wants to do a background check.