Travel to India on L1B after approved the H1B (Activation on 01 Oct)

I have been working for company aaa with L1B and appllied H1B with company bbb this year, It got approved last month. am planning to go to India for vacation on L1B and would be back before H1 activation date(Oct 01). will port of entry people ask any questions about my H1or would check only L1B. My LB is valid till next year. If I return before H1 activation date no need to attend interview in counsulate and no impact at port of entry right… please confirm, thanks

They usually don’t ask about H-1 when you are entering on L-1. They will look at your L-1 documents and issue you I-94 based on it.

If your H-1 was approved w/ COS w/ start date of Oct 1, then your status will automatically change to H-1 from Oct 1 if you return prior to Oct 1.