Travel to India during H1B amendment RFE in process


Right now, I am on H1b with California Location and its valid up to May 2020.

I moved from California to New Jersey on Oct 2018 and my company filed for Amendment and I received an RFE in the month of May 2019. (Position id sufficiently complex and required a min of a bachelor’s degree? Actually, I am diploma holder working as an Electrical Engr, NoN-IT)

My company responded for RFE on Last date (23rd May, Mail is showing delivered on same date), But USCIS is showing Request for Evidence Was Received on 24th May.

Now I am planning to travel to India September 2019, and Will this travel can lead to a Denial of my amendment or H1B Denial as I will be out of the US for a brief amount of time?

Also, I want to know it’s going to make any problem while port of entry?

Any recommendations, please suggest,

Thank you!


It should not matter. You have not applied for Change of Status, you have applied for amendment, so travel does not have any relation to that. At port of entry, they will ask you on your current work location and what does your approval say, if both are in line, you are fine.

Thank you Kumar for your response.

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