Travel to India and re-enter US in July 2013

Due to family circumstances, I have a need to travel to India for about 2-3 weeks in July 2013. I have a valid H1B visa until Sep 2014. My I94 authorizes me to work here in the US until Nov 2013. This was predated because my passport was expiring in Nov 2013 and at the port of entry the officer decided this to be an appropriate date. I want to know if I can travel to India and re-enter the US with my current status. Whether there will be questions from anyone when I :
a) Exit the US (I believe I have to submit my current I94).
b) Transit through either Europe or Middle-East or South East Asia (depending upon my flight reservations)
c) Enter India (Questions from immigration @ port of entry in India)
d) Leave India for re-entry to the US (Questions from immigration @ port of departure in India)
e) Re-enter the US (I believe I have to apply for a new I94 then)
Any questions I can expect @ PoE and what specific documents ? I have changed my employer since my first entry to the US.

I intend to apply for an extension after I return to the US since I have time until Nov 2013.

Your advice is much appreciated.

Things will go smoothly as above .But some visa officers in india have different perception about about yr job change and visa stamping.

According to them since previous stamped visa has old employer’s name on it - which is no longer valid , you should obtain fresh visa when you come to India after changing the job.

However you will not be in contact with consulate , Airline will permit you to travel to USA based on earlier valid visa.

At POE with new I 797 you will be allowed to enter.

Slight risk would be when you reapply for visa in India after expiry of current visa.

Visa officer will notice yr going to USA without stamping now .

A nasty officer can harass you then

Otherwise get visa stamped in India with new I 797 and proper documents American Law permits you to return to USA without stamping with new I 797. But some visa officers in India have different interpretation of the law