Travel to India a month before OPT end date

I’m planing to travel to India from Nov 25, 2017 to Dec 26, 2017 :-

  1. Graduated in Dec 2016, working on OPT (F1-student visa from Feb 2017)

  2. My Opt expires on Feb/2018 and I will be applying for STEM extension in mid Nov 2017

  3. I have all valid documents I20, EAD, offer letter, opt extension receipt(If I receive before my travel)Q1 :- Is it Safe to travel? If yes what all documents I need to carry in addition to I20, EAD, offer letterQ2 :- What if I switch job before I apply for OPT extension?Q3 :- What if I switch job after I apply for OPT extension?

I would really appreciate your answers and suggestions

Hey what happened when you traveled ?? I have a similar situation
I need to travel jan 2019