Travel outside the US while H4 EAD is pending

Hi, I have applied for my H4 EAD on June 27th 2022. For something urgent, I will have to travel to India in December 2022. Although I am hoping to get my EAD approval before Dec, however, in case if it doesn’t happen then can I travel to India while my H4 EAD is pending and will there be any delay? If yes, then I would like to understand the reason for the delay? Also will it have any impact on my I 94 because that’s the only proof of my exit and re-entry? Please clarify.

There is no rule that says you should not travel while your H4 EAD is pending. It depends on the adjudicating officer reviewing your EAD application. In case if they see your I-94 is no longer valid, officer may ask to you to submit your new I-94 once you are inside USA to approve your application and issue EAD card.

I have known cases who received H4 EAD while they were outside USA. All the best!!

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You can travel while your EAD is pending. It can even be approved while you are outside the US, no need to worry.

Hi Kanika. Can you please share your experience on the EAD approval and status here. I have a similar situation for my spouse who is planning to travel this weekend. Thank you in advance.