Travel Oustide USA while h1b amendment pending along with dependent

Hi ,

My H1B visa amendment was filed in May-2016 because of change in client and location. My prior H1B petition(I -797 B) & stamped visa was valid till Sep-2019 and so was my I94.

Now i received the amendment approval (I-797 A) which show’s the validity of my petition reduced till Aug-2018 (along with attached I-94 which is valid till Aug 2018) . I have following questions, can you please clarify –

  1. I need to travel to India in Jan-2018 , Should I need to go for stamping again considering approved amended petition & I-94 validity reduced ( before returning back to USA in Feb 2018)?
  2. My wife came to USA (when amendment petition was pending approval) with H4 visa valid till Sep-2019 & same validity in I-94(based on my previous petition) , because of my new amendment petition reduced validity should we need to file a new H4 petition for her now ?

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