Travel on OPT before Applying for H1B


I am planning to travel to India from end December, 2017 to end of Jan, 2018. I currently working OPT (stem extension) and my company is planning to apply for H1B next year in April 2018. My opt stem extension expires Feb 2019 and my F1 visa expires in Dec 2018. Recently I received an email from the immigration lawyers strongly recommending not to travel 90 days within filling visa appplications (not to travel outside US after Jan 1st, 2018). Can travel be a problem while re-entering US or while applying for H1B next year? Also can the travel be questioned while stamping for H1B visa in the future? Thanks!

You may travel before submitting any documents to your attorney in regards to your H1b petition. They need to submit your latest documents. I guess, the reason they say that is, your I-94 changes, when you travel. So, make sure you submit your latest I-94 (after you re-enter USA in Jan 2018) while submitting your H1B petition. Other than that, I don’t see a reason.

Please call your attorney, and check with them, as to why they sent out that email and update us here on what reason was given by them.