Travel on H4 VISA while H1B VISA is in initial review


I am holding H4 VISA valid till Nov 2014. My company at Banglore has initiated H1B VISA for me now.

Is it fine to travel to US on H4 during this period? Can I have my VISA stamping for H1B in US though my H1B was initiated while I was in India?

You can travel to US on H-4 while H-1 is in process.

Once H-1 is approved, you will have two options:

  1. File COS (change of status) from H-4 to H-1 while staying within US

  2. Go to your home country, get H-1 visa stamped and return on that H-1 visa to work on H-1.

There is no H-1 stamping within US and for first time stamping it is recommended to go to home country.