Travel on h4 visa while h1 extension is in progress

I am on h4 visa which is valid till oct 2017, I am planning to travel to India from may 2017 and return on sep it safe to travel . My husband h1 extension is in progress . Which was filed on Apr 2017 . Can you please suggest if it is safe to travel during this time.

my husband 140 is approved in eb2 and we are on 5 yr of h1 b

Is your H-4 extension also pending? If not, is the plan to file it after you return to US?

H4 extension is also pending, please suggest

If you leave US while H-4 extension is pending, then the same would be abandoned. You will have to apply for H-4 extension again after returning to US. As long as you can return before your H-4 visa expiration date and re-apply for H-4 extension prior to current H-4 expiration date, you should be fine.

thanks for your update saurabh

I’m in a similar situation where we have filed for both H1 and H4 extension and they are pending. My wife has H4 visa until end of Aug, 2018. She is travelling to India end of June and returning end of July. Will there be any problem at port of entry while coming back. I am aware that her H4 extension will be abandoned once she is out of US and it is fine as we will apply for her extension once she is back to US and before her Visa expires.