Travel on F1 OPT stem extension while H1 already applied this year.


I am on F1 visa with stem extension valid till feb 2019. My employer sent H1 my application to USCIS this year already. I am planning to travel to India from April 15th to May 2nd. Is it a wise choice to travel during this time? I got to know that at the port of entry, they will check my intent for present visa( F1) and if they see that I requested for a change of status from F1 to H1, they will cancel H1 and they will not let me into the country even on F1. How true is this?

Well, not sure about cancelling H1, but you could be asked at PoE on your current role, etc. There have been many who have traveled on F1 OPT and have come back…also, there are few who have got issues at PoE…Unless you really need to travel, I would not travel during this time as your COS will become invalid and you need to do COS again or exit and re-enter to get your H1B status.

Hi Ayank,

Did you travel to India, If yes what questions you were asked at POE?