Travel on B2 visa with FNU

Hello everyone,

My parents have a valid US visa till 2024, but the first name in the visa is FNU. The entire name (both first name and surname) shows up in the surname field. The passport which contains the visa stamp has surname but full name appearing in the first name field.

They recently got their Indian passports renewed and the name is now correctly showing (first name in place of first name, and last name in place of last name). They were able to get the name updated using aadhaar card and address proof. They didn’t need to publish anything in newspapers etc.

Can they travel to US with their new Indian passport and old passport containing valid visa with FNU? Any problems that we should expect with the CBP officer at the port of entry?



Just have them carry the exact original documents that they used while updating the passport.

This is not a problem. Clerical errors such as this are common