Travel on B1 during H1-B Cooling Period


I have completed my 6 years term of L1 + H1 in US and returned back to India on 31st October 2015. As per rule, I have to stay out of US for 1 year period. I am currently serving my cooling period in India.

My employer will apply for L1 visa on November 2016.

Due to a project need; My employer wants to process new B1 visa for me and have me travel to US for 4-6 weeks during August 2016.

Please confirm if this will impact the 6 years clock (which will reset on November 2016) and will I have to stay out 1 more year before applying for fresh L1/H1;

Please confirm if it is worth applying the B1 or I should rather wait for another 2-3 month and apply L1 instead.

I would suggest waiting for cooling period to end. This may reset the cooling period.