Travel on B1 after H1B approval


My H1B petition was approved in Aug 2014. Stamping is not done yet as I have not received the original documents. It’s a new opportunity through a consultant XYZ. I will be travelling to USA in Jan 2015 on this H1.

I also have a valid B1 visa. Now my current company ABC wants me to travel to USA for some meetings on my B1 visa. Duration is 30-45 days. Is it wise to travel on B1 visa when my H1B is approved but not stamped yet? Will there be any issues when I go for H1 stamping? Or should I travel on B1 after my H1 stamping?



Can you share me your experience.

I am in similar situation now.


No it wont be problem. I travelled when in B1 visa for my current employer when there is an approved petition and visa interview scheduled for h1b for other employer.