Travel if RFE received for H1B amendment.Can i get stamping with previously approved valid petition for different client

I will have to travel abroad while my amendment is in progress. Recently, I’ve got RFE for amendment. The scenario is, I already have a valid approved petition with the same employer(and same location) but for a different client. I also need to do stamping,

  1. Can I get stamping with the approved petition for the former client?

  2. What will happen to the amendment when amendment petition is approved while I’m in abroad. will it be abandoned?

Please suggest and help me. Thanks.

You have an update on this item, what did you as I’m currently in the same situation.

HI Anand,

Did you get your visa stamped? Can you share your experience. I have a RFE on my H1B amendment and I have to travel to India in May. So your experience will be very helpful.



Unfortunately I had to cancel the travel plan until the approval. If it’s really unavoidable, in case you have got an already approved petition for the same employer , you take LCA for the new amendment along with you for stamping . But there is a risk involved.