Travel from USA to India

Has anyone travelled recently between USA and India and can provide details/pointers to links for requirements to travel/covid test/quarantine? Any info/help is appreciated!

I took a direct flight (United) from the US to India two weeks ago. Refer to Air Suvidha link at Delhi International Airport website.

You need to have a negative RT-PCR test (within 72 hours of departure flight). You need submit a self declaration form at Air Suvidha website. No other tests or quarantine requirements in India. I had no issues and I just showed negative test report and printed declaration form.

If you are travelling via other country, please check the Air Suvidha website.

Thank you for sharing the details! Appreciate it!

Did you perform the test around bay area? Can you please tell me the lab/hospital name. Most of the covid 19 test sites are only offering PCR test.