Travel during I-40 processing on f2 visa

I have a question regarding travel during the processing of my I-140. My previous employer, who is of Indian origin (desi employer), did not file my PERM, so I transitioned to a consultancy in the last 11 months of my H1B and did COS to f2 and it’s my 8th year without leaving the country. I stopped working 21 days before my H1B was exhausted, I think the attorney is not considering the time I have saved and they are planning to file my I-140 first and then, upon approval, file for an H1B extension. My mom’s health is deteriorating day by day and I have a travel plan coming up, including an F2 visa dropbox appointment, and during this time, my I-140 will also be filed followed by H1b. I would appreciate your advice on whether is it recommended to travel and return on an F2 visa? Thank you for your assistance.

I dont seen any issue for traveling back on F2 status.