Travel during H1B change of employer

Can I apply for H1B transfer from employer A to B after travelling to India and can i travel back to usa once completion of transfer is done with valid visa or do i have to stay in usa for transfer process.

Please help me out.

Change of employer petition is applied when the employee is in the US working for a H1B employer. You may travel after the transfer is filed but if it is approved while you are not in the US, you will need to carry the I-797 approval notice along with a valid visa to enter back.

Hi Kalpesh,

Thank you for response.
Still in dilemma.I’m currently in USA with H1B valid visa stamping.Can i apply for transfer after travelling to india? Can I comeback to USA with new I797 copyafter process is done?

Yes but chances are high thay it may be approved with consular processing.
Talk to your immigration lawyer to get more clarity.
Ideally I would suggest doing transfer with premium processing, get the I-797 and then travel to India.