Travel during h1b amendment is in progress


I am having valid visa stamping till 2017. I have applied for H1B amendment since my work location get changed. Now petition is in progress. Right now I came to India for vocation. Can I travel back safely to US since amendment petition is in progress with only receipt?

Yes, carry the receipt and originally approved petition.

Thank you for response. Does this mentioned anywhere on USCIS site? If yes could you please send me related link.

I couldn’t find anything on USCIS site, but this is what I found as a response to similar question on Murthy lawyer site: Prior to moving to a new worksite location, my employer filed an H1B amendment. Can I travel to India while the amendment is pending? - Murthy Law Firm | U.S Immigration Law

Note that this was responded by a lawyer

If you have doubts, you can ask your lawyer about it.