Travel during H1 transfer in process without H1 stamp


My H1 has been approved this year with my current employer A. I haven’'t got the chance to get it stamped yet.

In the meanwhile i had another offer where new employer has already initiated the H1 transfer under premium category and just today received the email from USCIS about the cease being received. I have travel plans outside the US in 8 days. Is it ok to travel without the transfer case being approved. Please suggest about possible risks and precautions that i may need to take.

Thanks in advance.

I assume you are inside US. Was your H-1 approved w/ COS? If yes, then are you getting paid? What’s your visa status prior to H-1?

Hello Saurabh, Thank you for your reply
Yes i am inside US. Yes i am getting paid, My status prior to H1 was F-1, and i was getting paid on OPT.
HOw do i determine if my H1 was approved w/ COS

Does your approval notice has an I-94 attached at the bottom? If yes, then it was approved w/ COS.

You would have to appear for visa stamping and you can carry only approved petitions as supporting documents. If you join B, then you cannot use A’s petition for visa stamping. This implies that B’s petition should be approved status, which is not a sure bet under normal processing.

Why don’t you get B’s petition filed in PP so that you know the result while you are in your home country and can use that approved petition for visa stamping. As you were getting paid regularly, you should be good on that front.