Transit in Abu Dhabi & Dublin

Hi all,

I am planning to take a Etihad flight from India to US with a transit at Abu Dhabi & Dublin. Abu Dhabi does not seem to require a transit visa. But I am not so sure about Dublin.
Both the arriving flight and the leaving flights are in Dublin. The layover time at the airport is about 5 hrs 6AM to 11 AM.
From what I understood, the airports in Ireland are closed at night and will have to go through Border Control if transitting at night. But during day there is no such requirement.
Also, citizens of specific countries will require transit visa to transit in Dublin: Transit (including Transfer Visa) Advice - Immigration Service Delivery

Could someone please confirm from their previous travel experience that transit visas are not required for both Abu Dhabi & Dublin? Also, since this would be my first travel transitting via these airports, could you also please mention if there is anything else I should be knowing?
Thank you very much in advance!

Flight Transit Details:
Abu Dhabi:
Arrival 23: 50 Departure 01:45

Arrival 06:45 Departure 11:35