Transferring my petition since 221g is not resolved by company A


My petition has been approved as filed by company A. And during my visa interview, since the company A quoted my salary for less amount, the consulate asked the company to submit LCA(221g) for which the company took 5 months and finally told that they could not give the LCA explanation for the same(since the salary quoted is really less, they don’t have explanation now). They said that my 221g case is not resolvable. So, I could not fly to US for the same reason.

My question is, can I ask some other company X to offer me a better package(if they are fine with it) and directly go for visa since my petition is already approved and is valid for 3 years. (or) Does the company X need to file a fresh petition for me going through the procedure again?

If the company X need not file a fresh petition, then what is the procedure to go for visa. I mean does the petition which is already filed by company A needs to be transferred to company X? If yes, how long does it take?

Thanks in advance,