Transferring H1B to another employer in few days of joining a new employer.

I have left my previous employer ‘A’ and joined my new employer ‘B’ two days back. I have a valid I-797 form from both the employers.Now I have received an offer form employer ‘C’ who is ready to process my H1B transfer. How should I proceed with the process of H1B transfer with ‘C’. Do I have to provide H1B of employer ‘B’ while filling transfer with ‘C’.What documents shall I have from ‘B’ to transfer to ‘C’ ? (Can I use documents from ‘A’ instead to transfer to ‘C’, I don’t have any paystubs from ‘B’ as its been just 2 days I have joined them)Please advice !!

Yes, you can submit A’s documents when applying for C’s petition. Depending upon when C’s petition is eventually filed, you may or may not require B’s payslips. Discuss your immigration history with C’s employer and they will ask for the right documents.

Hi Anonymous89

I am in the same situation. I joined employer B last week and I really need to move to employer C. They have started LCA now and we are expecting to get the paystub from employer B this week.
If you could please help, did your H1 transfer go through successfully?