Transfer valid H1B visa from present employer to other employer in India.

Dear All,

I have a stamped H1B visa and its valid for 3 yrs. I was supposed to fly to US and start working on a project but the client has put it in hold so my present employer is unable place me in other project. I’m planning to change job so I have few quires can you guys suggest me the right process.

	What is the process to transfer H1B from present employer to other employer from India.

	If I need to transfer visa from India should I have to attend the stamping interview again?

	Is it best to transfer the visa in India or work in US for some time and then transfer it to other employer in US?

Thanks in advance, looking for your suggestion.
  1. U must find an employer who can file a Cap-Exempt petition for U…

  2. If it’s the first time, U must go to stamping again

  3. That Depends on U. If U can wait, U can come and transfer… Anything is ok and same