Transfer H1B when in Initial Review Status


I have applied for H1B visa through consultancy A and my H1B got selected in the lottery. But it is still under Initial Review.

I am currently working for company B and they are saying they will not work with the consulatny A 1st October onwards if H1B is approved. But they are suggesting me to transfer H1B for another consultancy C which is tieup with my company B.

Since my project is long term I don’t want to loose it.

Can I transfer my H1B which is still under Initial Review with consultancy C.I don’t have any salary slip of consultancy A (who filed my H1B).

Kindly suggest.

You are inside US on L-2, correct?

C can file a cap-exempt petition for you once A’s petition has been approved. If this is filed prior to Oct 1, then no payslips are required from A. If this is filed after Oct, then you need payslips from A for the period b/w Oct 1 and transfer filing date.

Maybe you can talk to A about upgrading to PP, and once approved ask C to file cap-exempt petition for you. This is probably going to make A really angry.

Thanks Saurabh.

Yes you are right I am on L2 visa.
Thats true ,unnecessary I will spoil relation with A.
I really appreciate for all the information,it is very useful.
I will keep posted.