transfer H1b to US/India company? H1b is stamped but not traveled to US


My H1b filed last year and it got stamped. However, there are no projects in my organization. I have not travelled yet to USA. I have couple of questions…

  1. Can I directly search job in US … and US company can transfer my H1b?

  2. Can I search job in Indian company who can send me US? Is visa transfer possible here.

  3. I heard that u need to travel there once from current employee before transfering visa… is this true?

  1. Yes

  2. Yes

  3. No its not true.

Thanks Ankit… couple of other doubts…

  1. wants to know the process if any US company hires me and transfers visa? Anything I need to do or cost associated with this.

If any USA company offers u, accept and the cost involved are negotiable.
Mostly all the costs involved will be taken care by the company. you need to clarify before accepting the offer… You can even try for any indian based companies also… But resign after the new petition is approved.

Hello Friend,
Mine is almost similar case. I have h1 b visa approved for 3 years. But employer does want me join right now due to some reasons. I have never travelled to US on my H1B visa. Is it possible to get this transferred to another company in US? Will it required Visa stamping again ? How it went in your case? Please share your experience.