Transfer H1B petition in offshore

Hello Expert,

I have approved H1B petition with “Company A”. Stamping is not done as they dont have openings right now.

So i have applied for transfering my approved petition with “Company B”. Assume, this petition will get approved within 2 to 3 months.

Now my question is,
In case if the “Company B” also dont have openings and they are not sending me for stamping.

  1. Is it possible to apply petition transfer for “Company C” along with Company A’s recipt number?

Please clarify.

Thanks in advance.

Yes, C can file a cap-exempt petition for you using A or B’s petition.

Thanks a lot Saurabh for your clarification.

  1. Is the Company A’s petition always valid irrespective of the transfer petition state ?

  2. Is there any posiblity which will make void of Company A’s petition ?

Please clarify.

  1. A’s petition can be used as reference to file another transfer irrespective of whether it has been withdrawn or not

  2. If USCIS revokes A’s petition b/c they later discovered fraud or misrepresentation of information, then it cannot be used as reference for cap-exempt filing.