Transfer from L1 to H1b to use old H1b quota

I have a question regarding H1b. (old visa)

I was on H1 for 2 years, then switched to L1. Now if I am having plans of changing my employer and so my status would change from L1 to H1.


So, should  I use my old H1b within 6 years from the visa initiation time or can I use it anytime within 6 years from the time I [b]got my Visa [/b]?


For instance, my visa was initiated in Oct 2006 and was on hold till Oct 2008 and I came to US in Oct 2008 and was on H1 till 2010.


So I will have get my H1 transfer before Oct 2012 (which is 6 years from visa initiation, Oct 2006) or I can get it done till Oct 2014 (which is from the time I got my Visa in OCt 2008)



One can use the cap which was "approved’ within last 6 years. Its the H1B petition approval date and not VISA stamping date - in your case its Oct 2006.

As your case is on the edge, you should consult a good immigration attorney to confirm whether you can file a cap-exempt petition showing the old approved H1B.