Transfer from L1 to H1 Visa - Questions

Hi Experts,

	Please suggest. I have mentioned our situation and the questions to the best of our understanding and really looking for experts to answer/comment. Thanks a lot in advance.
	Here are our situations 
	1. I am in L1 (valid till 2017) working for a MNC (Company A). My wife is in L2 EAD working for another company. My wife's company is going to sponsor H1 for my wife in 2014. We both have valid I-94 till 2016.
	2. I want to get a H1 done from a consultancy company in 2014 with the option to be in L1 status until I get good opportunities and my wife's H1 is approved.
	Questions -
	1. Should I ask the consultancy company to apply for a L1 to H1 transfer with CP (consulor processing) and NOT COS (change of status)?
	2. If the consulancy comapany files L1 to H1 in CP, I can continue to work for my present employer (Company A) beyond October 1, 2014 until I get a good opportunity or if my wife's H1 is not converted. In that case I shall be in L1 status and she will be in L2 status/Her own H1 status continuing our work. Is that a correct understanding ?
	3. If both of of ours H1 is approved, can I ask my consultancy company to apply for a COS sometime after October 1, 2014 being in united states or do I need to get H1 stamping done outside US ?
	4. If the answer to Question 3 is only outside united states, Can I get the stamping done in India (home country) only or it can be done in any nearby country, like Canada ? Please note that this may be my first H1 visa.
	5. Can I go to India/other country for stamping after receiving my H1 approval being in my current job (Company A in L1) and if H1 stampping is not approved/admin processing/RFE, can I reenter US with the L1 that I already have ?
	6. I know that the current visa approval process is really strict. What is the potential risk associated with L1 to H1 transfer ?