Transfer from H4 visa to H1 visa for my wife

I am on H1 visa and my wife on H4 visa now. I am looking for my wife’s visa transfer from H4 to H1. I am approaching some consultants who are ready to sponser her for H1 visa. But I do have few questions like, in case if my wife’s H1 petition got rejected, what is here validity to stay in U.S, is she can be continued to stay in U.S on her existing H4 visa, if not can I apply for H4 visa again for her, do I need to send her back to India, being an individual can I apply for her H4 directly or do I need to approach my company to arrange H4 for my wife?

Thank you very much in advance, appreciate your help.

If not approved, She can continue with her current H4 until the validity mentioned over there.