Transfer from F2 to H1B

Hello Everyone!

My Case: I lost my Job when I was in H1B visa, and I wasn’t able to find another job within 60 days so during that time I applied for change of status from H1B to F2 (spouse is on F1 student Visa) to maintain legal status. So my current status is F2 receipt pending approval with USCIS. I’m currently interviewing with companies and will be getting an offer soon.

My question: Will the employer be able to reinitiate/transfer my H1B visa with F2 receipt? I’ve an H1B petition approved until 2019. Are there chances of rejection if the company files for H1B transfer? 1 company revoked my offer letter stating that there is risk involved in transferring my H1B since I have a pending F2.

Thanks in advance for your time in answering my questions.