Transfer a F1 Visa valid for 6 months but without the OPT into a H-1B


I will be traveling to San Francisco, USA in the first week of May on an university exchange programme for about 4 months which means that I’ll be graduating in S.F and I donot need to come back to India if I don’t wish to, but the catch here is that my F1 Visa will only be valid for 4 months and a maximum extension of 2 months but without an OPT. By the way, I am allowed to do paid work for my university until the finish of the programme but NOT OUTSIDE THE CAMPUS.

I want to work there for an year or two after graduation and then planning on joining a Doctoral program down the line. So, what I need to know is that how can I get a job there or lets say a WORK VISA without having this “OPT” in my lap.

As a side note, I am well educated with a Masters degree under my belt and posses a good amount of experience with apt domain knowledge so I will not require any more special training to do my job.

I would be very thankful to anyone who could help me solve this puzzle.

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P.S. As I understand, the the application for the H-1B begins from October 1, however applicants can apply from April onwards and often the H-1B cap is exhausted by end of May or June. Since I’ll be landing there on May first week so should I also start my search for a sponsor and lets say I get really lucky, then can I request him to sponsor me rigth then while I’m still on my F1 Visa.

Or, are there any other kind of work Visas? In case nothing works out then can I open my own business there ? What kind of Visa will I need to be an entepreneur (technical company/food business)?

We don’t give out the list of employers who sponsor H1 in this forum. You may have to find it out through your friends.

You may consider finding a full time position in an University/Non-profit organization who can apply H1 all through the year and they do not come under the quota.

Thanks for your comment Ramanan.