Track H1 Pettion no.with LCA no.&Fillied aprl,sure v get status b4 Oct1st

Hi Everyone,

My employer has filled H1 on April and they say they have received the Receipt number by May14th only. But, are not willing to share receipt no. Instead They have shared the LCA number, LCA start date and end date.
Mine in Non-premium H1 and as per my employer it is still in Inital review.

My Queries here, Need your kind suggestions …please.

  1. Can we track the Receipt number using the LCA number ? if yes, can you please guide the process how to?
  2. Anyways I could be travelling to US only after Oct 1st. But, As per the LCA number which my employer shared the start date is August 10th 2013. So Is it means that i would be getting the status of my H1 (approved/denied) earlier to LCA start date i.e on or before August 10th or even later to it.??
  3. As they filed my H1 on april 2nd and have got the receipt number around May 14th after lottery process. I knew it would be 4 to 6 months for an H1 non-premium.
    So, Will USCIS would be updating my H1 status before October 1st by any means, since from Oct1st we can normally work in US Or would they even take more time than October to update the status eventhough we filled H1 by april itself
    (or )
    only in rare case they prolong the dates but normally all who applied by april will get the updates before october itself?

Expecting your kind reply,
Thanks in Advance for all your precious time in solving our confusions.

Guys , Please provide me a suggestion ASAP… Iam wiating for your kind replies :slight_smile:

  1. No

  2. H-1 start date will still be Oct 1, 2013. However, its end date may be reduce depending upon LCA’s end date. This would have happened if the employer filed LCA 6 months prior to Aug 10th.

  3. Most of the petitions will be processed by Oct 1. However some may still remain pending after Oct.