Tourist visa to attend sister's wedding rejected

Hello Saurabh,

I sent you a query a few days back regarding the tourist visa to usa to attend our sister’s wedding. Thank you for your reply.

Unfortunately our visa was rejected from Singapore US consulate last week.

We were asked the following questions:


	how are you related : Sisters

	Why you want to go to us : To attend our sister’s wedding

	Are you working here in Singapore : Yes

	Do you have family in Singapore : No (Both of us are single)

	Your H1B was rejected this year : Yes

	Do you wish to submit any documents: We submitted the wedding card, invitation letter and letter from the Parish priest and our employment verification letter.


Officer did not even look at the documents. He gave us a white letter and said as you know many tourist and h1b visas are getting rejected this year sorry we could not issue the visa.


We really don’t know the reason. Both of us are working with some best IT companies in Singapore.




Do you know the reason why our visa was rejected? How about applying for the tourist visa from Chennai consulate?


Whole family is very upset and wedding date is on Feb 22nd and we do not have much time left.


Any reply from your end would be of great help.


Thank you,

Officer used #5 for rejection. Some of these guys are not very smart. Ask your sister to have the State Senator write a letter addressed to Singapore Consulate that this is basic family unification during a once in lifetime event. Make some noise, have your sister be angry on your behalf, it is your right to be with your family and this is not North Korea. The letter must be faxed to you and carried to consulate. Your H-1B rejection as a reason for B-1 rejection has no merit, tell them the sponsoring company credentials were weak at the time. And yes, be honest in saying that you welcome opportunities to work in the US but not right away as your Singapore company needs you badly back as soon as possible. No need to change consulates.

All the best to you and the family during this auspicious event

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