Total Duration required for entire H1B process ?


How much time is taken for entire H1B process. Employer asked me to send the documents around Jan 2014. So I presume that he will file by April 2014 for H!B 2015. Can you please tell me the approximate duration to complete the process? I mean by when I will be ready to go if my visa is stamped.


Regular processing - 1 Month to 6 Months

Premium Processing - 15 Calendar days (This period will reset to 15 Days if there is a Request for Additional Information)

Time taken to process your petition depends on a lot of factors like regular/premium processing, documents submitted, company profile, etc. Also take into account that this year the quota was filled within the first 5 days. So account for a lottery as well which could reduce your chances. Once your petition is approved and you have the approved I797 with you, it is just a matter of few days to schedule for an appointment and get your visa stamped. No matter how early or late the process takes, you can only start working from 1st October 2014 and enter in the US only 10 days earlier to 1st October.