too long given name in DS 160 - visa name differs from passport name

Hi guys

My son,s name is too long to enter in the given name during ds160 application and last three letters got truncated and i could not enter.He is H4 and iam H1B got approved this year

So his name on ds160 confirmation page has less three letters comparing with his name in the passport.

I have called to the US call centre in INDIA and they adviced me to submit in the DS 160 in the same way to OFC as explained above.

Anybody kindly advice whether this will pose a problem during immigartion check in the US and during flight boarding as the name in the passport differs from the visa name -short of three letters as reflected in DS 160.


pls help me 




It is a common occurrence and there will be no issues with US entry. The name must be spelt exactly to the limit possible and then truncated. You must resolve this issue for the future though, or it will keep repeating through visa conversions, green card etc.






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