To go or not to go in the us ?

Hi ,
I m currently in my final year ofengineering. I m done with my GRE and TOEFL and have chances of landing in top 50 ms colleges for my masters
However I have gone through a few discouraging posts about the job prospects and chances of visa approval In the US . Is getting a job really much difficult ?(
(I ll do Masters probably In telecommunications). If yes why to such large amount of people go there . what happens to the loan that we have taken ? I ll go as fresher with no work exp
Need help .

PS I already have been campus placed and will leave the job for us

Its just depends on your confidence and interest. How much you concentrate on your studies when you reach here… so that you would get a better placement depending on your college.

Try hard and dont loose confidence. Better luck!!

Hi, jathinB
Thanks for answering but this does not answer my question. If the job condition is volatile due th recession factors and industries are reluctant to hire international student dur to visa fillings , how will my interest change the scenario ?

Well, the reality is that, many used to jump the bandwagon of going to US in the past…it has come down quite a bit due to various factors like H1B lottery situation. Read Goals for MS in US .

Coming to your loan in India, you need to be clear on couple of things, if things work out and you manage to get a job and H1B visa, you can pay off that or, you can even pay that off if you can find a job and work on OPT for a year or 29 months based your degree type. Also, you need to practical, if things do not work out, you may have to come back.

You need to be confident of your abilities that you can get a job and go all the way through…Again, it comes back to my first point, what is your goal for higher education. If it is just to go to US, you are better off working in an MNC and going abroad for work…so, think about all these and make an informed decision.

Hi Kumar ,
Firsrly , My goal monetary based
Second , there are no conditions as far as the opt is concerned right .?
Because as far as I know, working a year is enough to repay ur expenses , so if I am allowed to work for 29 months I should be well off .If I get selected in the lottery , that would be a bonus else I would be neutral at worst scenario
Am I in the right direction ?
Also , after an experience of 2 years and quality education can I expect high paying job back in India ?

Well, if it is monetary based, I do not see any reason for doing a Masters. It does not really add much value. You can gain that 2 years of experience at work and maybe move to US on other visa like L1. Just need to pick a good MNC to work for and get into a project that is based on US customer. You do not end up spending two years of time and also money and then scramble for paying loans… I do not think you will get more salary after MS in India, read this : .

Yes , I have gone through these articles . on site oprtunities abroad are possible through IT firms . But they are extremely rare . And if you do not make the cut , most people are stuck with salaries below 4lpa . There must be some advantage in ms , that every year so many students apply and land up in USA . correct me if I m wrong

Well, many use it as an entry door to US and then work on OPT and then apply for H1B to work in US…You can do that anyways without doing MS as well…Regarding opportunities to go on-site, it is about positioning yourself in these companies, it may be hard, I understand, but life is always about choices we make…I suggest you think about everything and make some choices…everything has pros and cons…