Time to receive H4 Extension Receipt


I have filed extension of H4 for my family. The I94 validity is till Sept10, the package was delivered on Sept1 (Lewisville, Austin center). I already have my approved I797.

1> Is USCIS going to send me the receipt in post? How much time will it take?

2> Is it risky if I don’t get the receipt number by Sept10th? I basically any document to prove their legal stay here.

3> Can I call USCIS and enquire about the status?



  1. Yes, through USPS. It could take 1-2 weeks to get the receipt number

  2. As long as you can show that the extension petition reached USCIS before Sep 10, you should be fine. Also, when USCIS issues the receipt, its date would be closer to Sep 1 (actual receipt date), which would further strengthen your case.

  3. Unfortunately, you can’t as they would need receipt number for this and also the SLA is 30 days.

Thanks Saurabh. What is SLA?

Service Level Agreement. It means that USCIS doesn’t want you to follow-up on the case until 30 days have elapsed.

Hi, I have the exact situation.

My H1 extension is approved. Spouse H4 will expire on 09/16/2016. Sent the renewal application I-539 today (09/09/2016). USPS would deliver tomorrow 09/10/2016.

Question: In how many days did you get your receipt number for H4 extension.

I need to get my spouse’s drivers license renewed with that receipt.


My packet reached Texas Lewisville on Sept 1st, haven’t got the receipt yet.

Thank you. Did you check if your cheque has been encashed? I read that you find receipt number in the bank statement of the cheque.

Well no; I actually provided Moneygram Moneyorders of $290. Hope that’s fine. Is there a way to check en-cashing of a moneyorder?

ohh ok. not sure if you can see that in moneygram…

Okey, so I got my receipt number though e-mail and SMS yesterday. Which is 12 days after the delivery of the petition. It will take probably 10 more days to receive the notice by mail.

Thank you. Now I know what to expect. I will check after 12 days. :slight_smile:

Will keep all posted.

Do let us know, when you receive your notice by mail.