Time to Give GRE & TOEFL for Fall 2014

Hi All, I am planning to do my masters in computer science . I am a resident of washington State . I did my bachelors in India and have 3 yrs of It exp In India and 1 yr in US.

Now , i got a gap of one yr in ma career . I would like to pursue my masters here. So, my doubt is if we are planning to apply for either spring or fall how many months prior do we need to give GRE and Toefl to get in top universities and is it necessary to have international papers published and i did my bachelors in electrical and electronics . So, will i be able to get a seat in cs for masters ? ...I am getting confused by looking at different university web-sites . If i plan from now what will be the earliest year of admissions where i can get into. I haven't given my gre and toefl ..Desperately need help inorder to get an idea of the dates. I can prepare for my gre and toefl but the dates are sooo confusing .... Need some guidance to proceed further ...Thank you and sorry to post such dumb question :)

Well, Check this article with sample dates for Fall. You just need to replace with 2014.



I will post an article on this as well.