Time required to convert F1 to H1B after landing in USA.


 I have got my F1 stamped and I wanted to know how long one has to wait for converting F1 to H1B after landing in USA or it can be done on first day itself.


The H1b quota for this year was met on June 11,the earliest you can apply would be starting Apr 1,2013 and since you would be dropping out of your Masters you can only begin working starting Oct 1,2013.

Apart from that you need to understand that H1b is for specialty occupations that requires theoretical or technical expertise in specialized fields, so its essential for you to exhibit that you have the required education credentials and work experience.

hey Vicky thanks for the reply. I already have a H1-B but I never went for stamping. I will be travelling to US on my F1 so my is question after landing in USA after how many days can I convert my F1 to H1-B. Is there a certain time limit or you can apply right away?

I don’t think there is any time limit, but it would be a good idea to check with an attorney

Can you plz give more details on ur H1B? Are you planning to work for the employer who sponsored ur H1 after u reach here??