Till what time does USCIS keep sending EAC numbers?

I haven’t received my EAC number or returned package from my consultancy yet. when asked, they said they haven’t got any sort of information from USCIS. Does it really take this long? Does USCIS usually take this long to provide EAC number? Is there a way, where I can contact USCIS and seek information on EAC number by providing my LCA details? Please Help!!! Your help means world to me. Thank you.

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normally it takes 60-90 days to generate a receipt ( mostly its early but for some it takes some time)!

So 90 day limit ( assuming you filed a cap H1B around April ) has crossed.

This would be the right time to ask your money back :slight_smile:

You cannot contact USCIS only a lawyer/Comapny can do it.

They have already concluded sending the Receipt Numbers and Packages for applications not picked in lottery. Your application is probaly not chosen in Lottery.