Till wat time I would come under Cap Exempt for filing new H1B?



I was working with Company A and travelled to USA (California) on L1B visa in Feb 2011...In June 2011 I filed H1b from Company B which I got in Sep 2011 with one year validatity of Petition. I did not used H1b as company b was not having any project and I returned back to India on Dec 2011 (as was working their for Company A - with L1B)..

I want to know till how much time I would come under H1b Cap Exempt if I find a new company to file for me?  Is it 6 year from the date I received my earlier H1b visa...


Please  Do advice me on this....

Thanks in advance for this information...

I assume the H-1 had a start date of Oct 1, 2011. In that case, you have 6 years from this approval date to use it for cap-exempt purposes.

Thanks Saurabh for this information…Yes the start date of H1 was 01-Oct 2011

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