Things I should confirm before calling parents on a visitor visa to US

Hello members on Redbus2US

I am planning to call my parents who have a valid B2 (visitor visa till 2025) to the US in September 2020. I know that traveling is not smooth and restricted partly due to visa restrictions and COVID, but still, I would like to know what do I absolutely confirm before I book their tickets?

I know the following things:

  • Air India has resumed flights to the US (Chicago etc) and their website shows ample new flights till 31st august that are available.
  • Air India website has also listed information about who can travel. It looks like other than US citizens, Green card holders, those who have a valid (valid for at least 3 months) US visa can travel(this includes those who have a valid visitor visa as well).

My main question is there anything else I should confirm before booking their tickets? Is US immigration at Chicago allows the visitor visa holders to enter in US smoothly? What about the quarantine situation? Do they allow them to do quarantine at home?

Let me know if anybody knows more about it. Will be really helpful.

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Damanjit Singh

There are no restrictions as such. If there is valid visa, should be fine to enter. I cannot really speak for Chicago. It should be normal.
I suggest you join some groups listed in document as there is active discussion there

Thank You for the information and sharing the handy links.