There is a space between my given name in passport,whereas in all edu docs there is no space between my given name


I have 2 queries.

1st- my given name has a space i.e “imran khan” whereas in educational documents thers is no space ,it is written as “imrankhan” , will it be a problem while applying to universities?

2nd- my surname on passport is “Mohammed”, whereas in educational certificates it is “md” . Do universities know that md stands for mohammed.

Finally my name according to passport is “IMRAN KHAN MOHAMMED”, on all education documents it is “MD IMRANKHAN”. please suggest me what needs to be done.

  1. Yes, it may create problems. It is advisable to get them fixed.

2.Not all universities treat that as it is not necessarily a standard. What universities would consider is just M as it can be considered initial.

You need to change the documents to your real name, I mean to say to your real correct name and spelling. If you can, you should fix the education documents. It can be tricky as well during visa stamping when you have these differences. One option is to have a name reference sheet for Study in US

Thanks kumar, that is really helpful.