Test Lead - QA - manual testing


I have an experience of around 8+ years in software testing. Currently working as a Test Lead and searching for opportunities to work on H1 visa.

I am searching for company/consultancy that can sponsor me for H1 Visa and also with placement. I am currently based in Delhi and working in GGN.

Q:- I think I cannot apply for H1B-Visa for year 2017 now. Is that right? Can someone respond?

Q:- My chance is to find an employer/company and apply for 2018 lottery and hope my name gets selected. Is that right?

Anyone else in the same situation can connect with me on 91-8860325342 or add me to Whatsapp group if you are running/participating in the same.


I can answer your first question… Right now u cannot apply for fiscal year 2017. To apply for 2018 …u need to prepare all your docs and go in lottery process next year April month.

Best of luck

Do you know any consultancy/company that can sponsor me? I am in India.

Anyone any help on this. Any consultant or company to sponsor H1B from India.

Hey Desi Guru…I think we two are in same boat…m also in testing from 10+ yrs…working in ggn and searching for a good visa sponsor…mail me at sumitkumargupta at gmail dot com