Tech Mahindra H1B Sponsor - Report Fraud to USCIS

Tech Mahindra in Omaha, NE with UPRR client is using its own H1b employees to sell it own products to the same client they are working for as a secondary business. The client letter never states about its duties to the Employer, it only mentions about Client role and responsibilities. Obviously this is a clear violation and needs to be stopped. How can this be anonymously reported to USCIS and prevent any hassles to the employee who is against the violation and abuse.

You can report fraud to USCIS using their H1B Visa Tip form.

Check more at :

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The tip form was exactly what i was looking for. Not sure why i couldn’t it.
Thanks for the help

@Kumar Can you please delete this post as it is referring to businesses. And my question was answered. Thank you