Taxation for H1B with dependants

I am a non-resident alien living in US on H1B with my spouse (not working) and 2 children. I’ve been searching for information on the eligible deductions & exemptions for my situation, but I’m overwhelmed with lots of information and unable to make sense of it. Can someone please clear my questions ?

  • What tax category applies to my case (Married filing jointly / Married filing separately / Head of Household ) ?
  • Like in India, is there any standard deduction applied on income before calculating tax ?
  • As a non-resident with dependants, is there any exemption / deduction that applies to me ?
  • How can I reduce my tax liability ?


Married filing jointly seems a best fit for you.

SD for married filing jointly for tax year 2020 is $24,800 while for 2021 is $25100.

Note that US tax laws are very complex and so I would consult a CPA or file return through H&R Block or similar tax prep agencies in order to avoid any filing errors or missing out on any deductions.

Also note that this forum is more focused on immigration related question rather than taxes.

Thank you sir for answering the questions and sharing the references