Tax filing option from F1 to H1B

Hi All.

Need your advice.

In the last year, I transitioned from F1 to H1B (Oct 2022) and my dependent also joined me on H4.
I also relocated from state A to state B in the same year.

Looking for options on how to file my taxes given the different complexities around F1, H1B, my H4 joining, and relocating to another state all happening in the same year.

I heard one can only use Turbo tax if you’re on green card or been in the US for five years/resident alien.

Please suggest options/names you think I can use to file my 2022 taxes (that can factor in all these different aspects mentioned above).

Many thanks for your help.

You can use any online tax filing services including turbo tax, taxact etc, there are no restrictions.
If you are not well aware of federal and state tax laws, I would suggest H&R type in-person filing services near you.

Ok. Many thanks for your help